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Welcome to The Davies Family History Website - 2012

The basis of this website is a family history database containing information on over 13,000 individuals. Although this started as a family tree of my direct ancestors, it has expanded to include the descendants of their brothers and sisters, and, in many cases, the ancestors of those who married them. So every individual appearing in the database is connected, but that connection is often as the result of marriage rather than by bloodline. Strictly speaking, then, this is more than one family tree - the reason for the plural title.

The map shows the principle families appearing in the database, with an indication of their earliest identified origins - the roots of the trees, you might say. From the nineteenth century onwards emigration from Britain occurred in most of these families, with the result that living descendants are now to be found all around the world. I have been greatly helped in my research into the family history by first-,second-, and more distant cousins, around the world, who have provided me with photographs, documents and, where they, too, are engaged in genealogical research, the results of their own research efforts. All this has now been incorporated into the database and I am most grateful to all those who have contributed and are continuing to do so. They are far too numerous to list here, but my particular thanks are due to Colin Davies, Glyn Davies, Jill Muir, Robert Wilkins, Joy Light, Lynne Davis, Allen Blethyn, Angela Benger and Edward Llewellyn-Jones.

Some cousins have their own websites and I provide links to them where appropriate. Of particular interest to those searching for ancestors in West Glamorgan is James Loveluck's website. James and I are cooperating closely to ensure that our sites complement each other with a minimum of duplication. I am extending this cooperation to other sites covering trees which connect to ours.

Links from the map above provide general introductory information about the family roots in each of the indicated geographic areas. In addition, navigation buttons at the top of this page will take you directly to information on the principle family lines within our extended family tree, or to the Database Section of the website.

To search the database, extract information in GEDCOM or other format, produce reports or download images, go to the main section of the website, the Database Section. The entire database resides on this website and is accessible using webtrees, a replacement for PhpGedView, previously used by this website. Those who have used the PhpGedView version of this website in the past should see very little difference between the old and new user interface. From 1 January 2012, the PhpGedView database is no longer accessible. Those who have problems converting old links to the new site please contact me.

Thank-you for taking the time to visit this site; I hope you will find it useful and informative. If you see something you don't like, something wrong, something that doesn't work for you, or you have suggestions for improvement, please let me know. Many thanks!      Ron Davies
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